Infinity – Package for continuous personal development (English version).


Become a TimeMaster

Infinite training package for continuous personal development:

  • Topic Priorities
  • Topic Everyday Efficiency
  • Topic Stress Free
  • Future Topics


Infinity bundle: Become a TimeMaster

Infinity training package for your continuous personal development, becoming a Master in time management, and handling stress.

  1. By choosing the Infinity bundle, you show you are serious about your personal development.
  2. You connect to the time management experts, trainers, and coaches of the MyTime Creator platform.
  3. You can do every training course which is available on the platform, including future courses.
  4. The training courses will be available to you, without an end date or other restrictions: you can do them whenever you want and as many times as you wish.
  5. You will get life-long remote support to enable your development progress.

Included training courses:

  • Priorities
  • Everyday Efficiency
  • Stress-Free
  • Future Topics: Energy Surfing, Working Together, Personal Care
  • Infinity means infinite access to all course materials on the MyTime Creator platform.

Why choose Infinity?

You are smart, ambitious, and highly sensitive.
And you want to live a life with less stress, with loving relationships, and time to work on what matters most to you.
You want to make a difference, make an impact, and leave a legacy.

To get the most out of life, and the best out of yourself, you learn every day.
Everyday learning is part of your life’s mission. Learning is fun to you, and you see it as an opportunity to become a better you.
You choose the best mentors, books, and courses. Wasting time is not a an option  and you don’t compromise quality.

You are decisive; you know what you want.
Once you choose the Infinity training course, you will get the most out of it.
And you will make a jump in your development with the vast amount of knowledge and actionable wisdom in this training course.

Have fun!


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