About us

We believe that everyone can achieve inner peace and outer ease. We made it our mission. That means we are here to help you achieve a life with less stress and more inner peace.

Who am I

I am Frank Rood, founder, and trainer of this training platform, and I have seen so many people around me rushing forwards. Working hard, being stressed, and not spending their time on what and who they value in life. And I have been there too. Overloaded, stressed, and burned out.

Through training, workshops, and self-development, I’ve turned this around; I am now enjoying focus, flow, and inner peace. Something I would like you to enjoy too.

That’s why I created MyTime Creator to help you manage your time and energy. Together we explore what brings you inner peace, joy, and excitement.

Frank Rood - CEO - Senior Trainer and Creator at MyTime Creator
Senior Trainer
Certified Coach! – St!R
Certified Master Coach – De Baak

Who are we

We have a great team of smart entrepreneurs, all experts in our field, and enthousiastic about our mission.

Values, mission and vision

  • Core values: love, freedom and honesty.  
  • Mission: help you experience more inner peace and outer ease.
  • Vision: 100 million people change their stressful life to a life filled with joy, freedom and creativity.


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