Effective Time Management Course

Get more inner peace and outer ease

Do you want to stop your procrastination?

Your day starts before you’ve finished breakfast: you check notifications and messages on your phone and answer a few quick e-mails between sips of coffee. The rest of your day follows the same pattern. You switch from one task to the other. Having a productive day seems like a faraway dream you can never get to. Adding a time management course right now feels like adding even more to your plate. 

Do you feel your heart rate shooting up just reading this? Or did you stop to write down three more tasks you need to do? Then it’s time to set some priorities. 

By setting the right priorities, you will get more done, stop procrastinating, and become better at planning your tasks. So this is much more than a time management course. With the help of our videos and step-by-step guidance, you will look at all the things that make it to your to-do list. Are all the items important to you? Or are they someone else’s priorities? 

If you get clear on what’s essential for you, you will get more inner peace and more done in a day. MyTime Creator’s time management course will help you to get there.

Results of the Online Time Management training, reach your goals. Resultaten van de online time management cursus, behaal je doelen.

Our time management course will help you to:

  • Have time left in your day.
  • Spend your evenings with family and friends without worrying about work.
  • Stop your procrastination.

Curious to find out how our time management course can help you?

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Progress in time management skills towards mastery. Ontwikkel je time management vaardigheden en word meester van je tijd.

During our time management course:

  • You learn how to set priorities and find out which things and tasks are essential for you.
  • You will learn to recognize the things you must stop doing to get more inner peace and time for the things that matter to you.
  • You will learn what a good goal looks like for you. 
  • We will guide you with practical tips to reach your goals. 
  • You will learn about the Master Mind Matrix and how to use it.

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Become a TimeMaster
  • Infinite bundle for continuous personal development.
  • Training courses:

  • Prioirities

  • Everyday Efficiency

  • Stress Free

  • Future Topics
Oct 2020


Become a TimeCreator
  • For inner peace and outer ease.

  • TimeSaver bundle
    You get the online training course Priorities worth € 87,50

  • 1 personal coaching session
    at the start

  • 1 personal coaching session
    to wrap-up


Become a TimeSaver
  • Training course: Priorities
    By doing this course YOU will:

  • Immediately BOOST your
    productivity and reduce stress.

  • Get more done of what

  • End your workdays with
    satisfaction and PEACE of MIND.

  • Become and be
    SKILLED at prioritizing.

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