How to turn your New Year’s resolutions into reality?

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(or How to Set Goals)

Imagine a shooting range with three archers on three separate lanes

Archer 1 stretches her bow and shoots her arrow in any direction.
Archer 2 stretches her bow with the intention to hit the center of the rose.
Archer 3 stretches her bow and points her arrow at the target.

Which of these three is most likely to hit the mark?

Archer 1 can hit the bull’s eye if she is very, very lucky. Archer 2 is more likely to be successful; she knows which way she wants to go. Still, I would put my money on Archer 3. She does not only make a resolve to hit the mark. It’s her goal. Setting a goal is many times more effective than merely making a resolve. Studies show that only 12% of people who make resolutions stick to them. In comparison, a study from the Dominican University shows that people who write down their goals, share them with friends and review them weekly have a much higher success rate (76%) than those who only think about their goals (43%).

An easy method to set goals

As a senior trainer and coach in the field of Time- and Stress Management, Frank Rood, has coached  hundreds of people in setting and achieving their goals. He discovered how important it is to put your goals on paper. He also discovered how the fear of failure often makes people resistant to state their goals clearly. Yet, it is important to be specific. Because being as clear as possible on your desired outcomes, will highly increase the likelihood of turning them into reality.

Goal setting is easy once you follow a few simple steps. Forget SMART; a good goal consists of three components only:

1. Inspiration
2. Clearly formulated result
3. LifeLine

Goal Setting Guide

We’d like to help you achieve your dreams in 2020; therefore, we created an easy Goal Setting guide that will help you convert your resolutions into motivating goals. Non-members can download the Goal Setter worksheet here for free. Members of the online time management training also have access to a video, podcast and written instruction to help you gain by good goals.

Together we’re strong

To further increase the chances of achieving your goal, we recommend sharing your goal with a friend or acquaintance. You can find someone yourself or leave the matchmaking to us. If you share the text “I want to reach my goal” in the comments or by email, we will link you to a Goal Buddy with the same ambition. You keep each other informed of your progress each week for a month. And share your successes and challenges.

Do you also want to experience the power of goals? In our online time management training course you learn how to set priorities, set goals and reach your goals. Try it out with our FREE mini-course on planning the day.