Inner Peace is Simplicity

When you go through a crisis, do you also re-value what is important? Who is important to you? The things you don’t mind missing out on or are not relevant anymore? Or the people or things you miss a lot? Would you like to simplify your life?

Reflection on values

Every crisis has a moment of reflection. When the worst turmoil is gone and you have less stress, you can think about who and what you value most. A super effective method to experience more inner peace is to live your life aligned with your values. Values like: love, freedom, honesty. And simplicity? If you don’t have your values clear, or if you would like to re-affirm them, use this time to make them clear to yourself. Knowing your values is a necessary foundation for decision-making.

Simplify your life

The next step is letting go of what does not serve your values, what does not serve you. Letting go can be practiced best with stuff. Yes, just getting rid of stuff. In the past years, I applied these rules to simplify my life and get rid of my redundant stuff:

  1. It is something I use regularly, and it is (by definition) useful.
  2. It is something that makes me happy when I look at it or when I use it.

Everything that does not fulfill at least one of these criteria must go. Preferably I sell it or give it to a recycling shop. Stuff sneaks into your house unnoticed, so you need to have a cleanup action once in a while. Keep it small, for example: start with one cabinet. Pull everything out. Only put back the things that fulfill your criteria.

Your reward

Letting go of things can be a challenge. You easily attach to stuff, which is actually the attachment to a part of you. The of you part that said: ‘I will use that later for this future hobby project.’ Or attachment to a memory, a past experience. Throwing that away can feel like throwing away a part of your existence. Deep down, you are afraid of your inexistence.
Feel those feelings and clean your stuff up anyway. Live a life of simplicity.
Your reward is more inner peace.

It is our mission to bring inner peace and outer ease. We sincerely hope you will benefit from this blog and our other services.