Inner Peace is Embracing Your Shadows

Are you aware of your shadows? Things you dislike about yourself? Something you are ashamed of you did in the past? How you handled stressful situations? How you survived your childhood and difficult times at school?
Forget it
If you are like most people, you try to forget difficult times. And suppress thinking about the ‘negative’ side of who you are. The problem is: you cannot unthink yourself, nor your past. Yes, there are many ways not to think about it: distractions, working hard, partying, drinking, drugs. A pity that most of those escapes are harmful or at least not helpful.
How to deal with your shadows
What does help is to face and embrace your shadows. To my experience, this is very scary, confronting AND very liberating. It takes courage. The willingness to look at yourself, including your ‘dark side,’ is already a healing step. The next step is trying to accept that this is also you, and this part is okay. If you accept yourself, including your shadows, you might want to go to the next level: embrace and love your shadows.
Embrace and love your shadows
Embracing and loving your shadows is not easy. I needed a good coach and some guided visualizations to get to this point. And that is what I recommend. Find a good coach who understands the importance of embracing your shadows and knows how to guide you in your process. It is worth the effort. You will get to a whole new level of inner peace.

Hello shadow.
I don’t want to look.
At this part of me that I dislike and I feel embarrassed about.
That part that confronts me with my weaknesses.
Reminding me of difficult times in my life and feeble attempts to handle them.
The easiest way is to ignore, suppress, or avoid.
Because I fear what I might see. I fear the truth that I might see.

The only way is to look… and accept.
This is also me. I am also me.
If I finally look at my shadow, I get tears in my eyes.
My shadow is afraid too.

The fear that created behavior that once was (or at least seemed) the best thing to do.
My shadow is ashamed too, vulnerable.

I embrace my shadow…
Al emotions are present now.
The only thing my shadow needs is to be seen and to be loved.
Here I am.

Now I know my shadows are not adversaries. They are allies.
Helping me learn from the past. Helping me heal in the now.

Frank Rood
2020, February

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Professional support

When I needed a coach to help me deal with my shadows I contacted Kirsten Schults of MIND OF YOUR OWN. If you struggle with fears and old pains and want to free yourself from those burdens, I highly recommend Kirsten.