Inner Peace is Facing Your Fears

Really? Is being fearful not the opposite of experiencing inner peace? And if I move towards fear, will this not increase my anxiety?

True. Fear of failure, fear of exclusion, fear of loss, fear of not being loved, fear of rejection, fear of humiliation, fear of illness, the list goes on.

Most fears, maybe all, are an expression of these underlying fears:

  1. The fear of death, losing yourself, everyone and everything.
  2. The fear of living, becoming your true self.
  3. The fear of non-existence, having no meaning at all.

Are you trying to ignore your fears, move away, avoid, filling your time with other things? Those strategies all help you feel a bit better in the current moment. The bad news: the fears come back to haunt you. Spooky? No. Scary, frustrating, stressful? Yes.

If you want more Inner Peace:

  1. Accept your fears. It’s normal; you are human, you are ok.
  2. Face your fears. The fears I faced head-on became less or dissolved completely.
  3. Know that there is a big reward behind every fear. Your NEXT LEVEL SELF is behind this wall of fear.

Facing your fear is like jumping in cold water. You resist. You decide. You jump.
After your refreshing dip, you feel like reborn. Less stress, more energy and more inner peace.

It is our mission to bring inner peace and outer ease. We sincerely hope you will benefit from this blog and our other services.