Inner Peace is Spending Time Alone

Spending time alone gives you inner peace? Really? Alone with all your thoughts, worries, concerns, is this inner peace? On the other hand, impulses from outside can be disturbing too, and take away a lot of energy. So it can be helpful to be alone sometimes. The contradiction is a fundamental life paradox. The secret of life is in the dynamic center between opposites.

Does being alone make you more restless or more peaceful? 

I mean: REALLY being alone: not ‘connecting’ with others through social media, not being alone in a coffee bar full of people, not watching NETFLIX alone. Being alone without distraction, without people. You can get pretty restless. Many people who start to meditate feel stress: thoughts, feelings, annoying sounds.

Don’t worry

I am not asking you to meditate. The only thing I suggest is just spending time alone. Spend some time on your hobby, go for a walk in nature, sit in the sun for a while. Feel what needs to be felt, think what wants to be thought, or enjoy your daydream.

What do you need:
  1. Assertiveness to choose for yourself.
  2. The courage to feel your ignored feelings.
  3. Acceptance of yourself, self-love.
Why would you want this?

Your brain needs ‘off-line’ time, in which you do not communicate, you do not work, and you are not distracted. Stop taking in information and start processing it. Enjoy the process.

And how about the restlessness? This automatically makes way for inner peace, a good mood, and new ideas. Take your time and enjoyt the process.

Do you want more inner peace?

Reading and learning is a good way to spend your time when alone. It will take away the restlesness. You will get new inspiration and a feeling of accomplishment. Try out our FREE mini-course to see how.