Inner Peace is Making Hard Choices

‘Just great! I thought this idea would give me inner peace, but making hard choices is STRESSFUL!’. You are correct, making difficult, big choices can be very stressful. Think about choices like quitting your job, ending a dysfunctional relationship, starting your own company.

‘Making a hard choice? Hell no!’

We tend to postpone difficult choices. Hard choices, keeping you awake at night, trigger your fears. These fears can paralyze you, so you end up not deciding at all. Deep down, you KNOW you’ll have to make a decision. And in the meanwhile, you try to ignore, avoid or forget by seeking distractions, hard work or drinking.

So why should you go for the hard choice?

Because it screams for attention, and this tension wants to be resolved. The issue is not going away by itself. ‘Best case’ someone will choose for you. Depending on the decision-maker, this can also be the worst case. The only way to relieve the tension is by going for the choice, head-on. And once you do decide, you will regain your inner peace. There can be some residual doubt, which is normal. However, the primary stressor is gone: you resolved the open, burning issue. Hard choice made, head-on.

How to make hard choices?
  1. Get a coach – expressing your thoughts and feelings is a perfect way to get things clear. Once you gain this clarity, you probably know what to do.
  2. Use the wisdom of your body – invite your heart and your gut to participate in decision making. When head, heart, and belly agree, you can’t be wrong. My personal experience is that my body knows best.
  3. Be in your movie.
Play a role in your movie

The third tip is a simple and super effective mind trick to help you unload the burden of being too serious about yourself. Imagine you see yourself in your current situation as if you were in a movie. And you -imagining this- being the observer of this movie. This exciting moment where the main character (you) has to make this life-changing decision. And you know that in the end, all is well. No worries.

Take it easy, make it easy, make a choice.

It is our mission to bring inner peace and outer ease. We sincerely hope you will benefit from this blog and our other services.