Inner Peace is Telling the Truth

Do you catch yourself lying sometimes? Maybe only little white lies. Or more severe ones. Once you start this inner dialog, where you justify your lies, you are already on a slippery slope. Why are you not telling the truth? Are you ‘only’ holding back some information? Holding back information, being silent,  can also be regarded as lying, depending on the situation.

I have to admit: I lied

Small lies, some very big ones. Terrible mistakes I made. I convinced myself, or was convinced, it was to protect myself, or it was to protect others. I regret what I have done and learned a lot. The hard way. Now I practice Radical Honesty.

Living with a lie is incredibly stressful

Lying is violent and hurtful to others and yourself. By applying Radical Honesty, I discovered that avoiding even the little ‘white lies’ brings more peace of mind. I do feel some stress before telling the absolute truth: ‘How will the other person feel about this?’. After telling the truth, I feel relieved and fully at peace with myself.

How to practice Radical Honesty?
  1. Answer every question truthfully, no exceptions.
  2. Be open about your doubts, concerns, and feelings.
  3. Take the initiative to share what is not asked yet, and you know is important.
Sharing what is not asked is crucial

Do you recognize the feeling that you are walking around with a burden, something difficult, some untold truth? Your wise part knows it is important to the other person. You feel vulnerable and are afraid to share it, and sharing is exactly what you should do.
Tell the absolute truth. And by sharing, you will free yourself.

Why do I share my story?

It is my personal and our MyTime Creator’s mission to bring inner peace and outer ease. We sincerely hope you will benefit from this blog and our other services.