Inner Peace is Being Naked

Yeah, be naked and feel free! No, I don’t mean without clothes. The inner peace principle I want to share with you is:

If you are alone, act as if others see you.

Act as if everything you do is filmed and broadcasted on social media. As if the people you love and respect watch you doing what you are doing. Would this feel restraining, increasing your stress? How would you feel? Vulnerable? Naked?

Doing things you are ashamed of

Of course, you don’t want to be watched all the time. It is healthy to have some privacy and do what you like without thinking about others. On the other hand, if you do things you are ashamed of if exposed, what does this tell you? Why are you doing things you would be embarrassed about if others would see it?
You have two options:

  1. You are actually ok with what you are doing, and if asked, you would admit it.
  2. Or you are ashamed of what you are doing and want to avoid this.
The ‘nakedness-test’

Use this ‘nakedness-test’ on your bad habits. You can ask yourself the question: ‘Am I ok if what I am about to do would be exposed?’ If the answer is ‘no,’ you might want to avoid this activity and replace it with something which feels better.

Radical Honesty

If the answer is ‘yes,’ so you accept your own behavior, then there is also something you can do. Admit it to someone close to you, even if not asked. Admitting your little innocent ‘sins’ to someone is truly liberating. And in a relationship, if you show this type of courage and vulnerability, you allow and invite the other to do the same. Which makes your relationship stronger. More on Radical honesty in Inner Peace is Telling the Truth

Final advice

Try it out! Be kind to yourself; it is normal to feel a bit uncomfortable being aware of your bad habits. And you are in control. It’s up to you to evaluate your own actions and share (or share not) what you want. Enjoy the result: more inner peace.

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